Still struggling with high blood sugar despite doing “everything right”?

You’re worried that gestational diabetes means you’ll have to:

a) go hungry
b) go on insulin
c) both

Not so fast, friend.

There is another way (and it happens to taste good, too)!

Let’s make this easy.

Get instant access to my FREE training where you’ll learn how you can use real food and simple lifestyle tips to have a healthy gestational diabetes pregnancy.

In this three-part video series, you’ll learn:

    • What it means to have gestational diabetes
    • Why managing blood sugar during your pregnancy matters.
    • When to test your blood sugar & goal blood sugar numbers during pregnancy.
    • How food and exercise affect your blood sugar
    • The biggest gestational diabetes diet mistake (and why the conventional gestational diabetes diet fails 40% of women)
    • Which delicious foods keep your blood sugar stable, naturally
    • How to lower your chances of needing insulin
    • How to manage your blood sugar without counting calories or using measuring cups
    • Why real food is the ideal gestational diabetes diet

The fun doesn’t stop there!


You’ll get “5 Key Steps to Managing Your Blood Sugar, Naturally” so you know exactly what to do to get your blood sugar under control and how to track your progress.

Let’s take the fear and worry out of this diagnosis.

When you know what to do, managing gestational diabetes can be quite simple!

I’m giving away my secrets for FREE because your health and the health of your baby matters to me.

Lily Nichols’ book and web videos are the best information I found – and I did a lot of searching! It will give you a good grip on managing this thing without fear!

Janet Kilmer

I don’t wish GD on anyone, and I could say that I wish I hadn’t had it; however, then I wouldn’t have been in this position to make a difference in other moms’ lives. And that in itself is a blessing for me, as I hope it is also to other moms. So please take the diagnosis seriously, but also relax in knowing that you are in fabulous hands with Lily Nichols, you are not alone in your feelings, and this does not mean that you will end up on insulin or that all the negative things that you may read will happen. I truly believe everything happens for a reason, and you will get through this. So, I encourage you to grab your favorite pregnancy drink, cuddle up with Lily Nichols’ book, Real Food for Gestational Diabetes, consider taking her course or encouraging your local dietitian to take it, look at her research, and ultimately know that you CAN do this mama!

Kim Bandi

I just finished my fifth pregnancy – we had a healthy boy weighing 8lbs 8 1/2oz. Thank you so much for your course and book, Real Food for Gestational Diabetes! They have both been a great help to me!

Helen Penner

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